Preschool Matters-Term 1 2023

 We have had a busy start to the term with nine new families joining Wednesday/Thursday session and five joining Monday/Tuesday session. Most of the children are beginning to settle into the preschool routine. Transitions can be really difficult for some children and this can be made easier by setting up a specific routine with your child. Educators are happy to support families to put a plan in place. Some of the children are already taking responsibility for the care of the preschool environment self- initiating cleaning up after spills occur.



Communication to families

We are now using our transparent classroom platform to inform families about the children’s activities in the classroom and educators will endeavor to send through updates when time permits with our priority “being in the moment with your child”. It has been lovely to receive feedback from some of our families already.

What’s been happening?

This term our focus will be learning about aspects of physical geography. We have begun with the introduction of the sandpaper globe and continent globe which support children to understand the geographic makeup of the earth. We will extend on this by introducing different land and water formations with discussions around the importance of sustainability.

In addition, we have been extending on the children’s family experiences over the holidays as many of them have enjoyed summer fun at the beach. We have introduced a shell cultural card pack to support vocabulary about shells with names such as cowrie, spider conch, and scallop. Thank you to Max and his nana who have generously provided us with the most amazing shell collection to further support our investigations in this area.

Stephanie, Cheryl and Shixin