Vision/Mission & Values


Future leaders and problem solvers, contributing to a more peaceful and sustainable world.


Inspiring brave hearts and curious minds in an academically excellent Montessori environment.

Our Values

Care and Compassion

Nurturing the development of children’s social and emotional intelligence in an environment of trust and mutual respect which values each child’s unique strengths and needs and encourages acceptance of self and others.


Teaching children to be brave when facing the unknown, to embrace challenges, to view failure as a learning opportunity and to act with integrity.


Driving student led learning through developing the ability to ask questions, to challenge, to inquire and to investigate independently and in cooperation with others.

Creative and Critical Thinking

Providing a stimulating learning environment that supports children to realise their full potential as intelligent, imaginative thinkers who see solutions rather than problems.


Building the relationships and community now that will connect children to their world and teach them to care for and shape it for a brighter future.