The governing body at Southern Montessori School is the School Board, which consists of eight elected members from the community, the Principal, Assistant Principal, Business Manager, Secretary, Staff Representative.

Board elections are held in April each year at the Annual General Meeting.

The School Board is the responsible steward of the school. It is accountable for ensuring effective governance and development in the areas of compliance within the legislative environment, strategic planning, policy, risk and financial management. The Board has several Committees allowing people with expertise and passion to provide support to the school.

The Board is pleased to provide the latest Annual Report for Southern Montessori Education centre Inc.

One of the accountability requirements of our funding agreement with the Commonwealth Government, is to ensure that specific “School Performance Information” is made publicly available to the school community.

This information is provided to the school community in a variety of formats and is collated in the School Performance Report.


President: Matthew Fossey
Vice President: Christine Rootsey
Treasurer: Ray Rootsey
Member: Nitin Jakhwal
Member: Tiffany Newman
Member: Michaela Baracka
Member: Michelle Emmerson
Member: Megan Falzon
Principal: Heather McInerney
Assistant Principal: Alison Fish
Business Manager: David Anderson
Secretary: Danielle Johncock
Staff Nominee: Alison Fish