Southern Montessori School nurtures a culture of wellbeing by embedding respect, resilience, responsibility and positive relationships in all that we do. Our exceptional education for life not only develops rigorous academic knowledge but emotional, social and physical wellbeing as well. We provide a multilayered approach to student wellbeing and safety through preventative and responsive actions.


Students are provided with a safe and happy learning environment where they can build positive, caring and respectful relationships with their peers, teachers and support staff.

As well as building close and supportive relationships with their teachers, multi-age classrooms allow classmates to know one another well. Younger children move from being supported by older peers to having increased responsibility and leadership opportunities towards the end of a Cycle. This generates a strong sense of community and connectedness.

Our Pastoral Care program takes a holistic approach to education which is supported by our school counsellor, who works with students individually and in collaboration with teachers and families.

Student Leadership and Voice

Student agency is an integral part of Montessori education. Students are encouraged to be active participants in decision making within a learning environment that optimises choice and challenge. This allows them to feel a sense of control over their learning and their lives as well as nurturing responsibility for actions.

We believe that all students should be supported to develop leadership skills, and as such, all students engage in authentic leadership opportunities and contribute to their community. This is evident in their classrooms as well as in initiatives such as the Children Representative Council, Environmental Committee, Year 6 Leadership Program and participation in community volunteering programs.

Positive Guidance

Our positive guidance approach to behaviour fosters well-adjusted, resilient and considerate children who are self-disciplined and able to self-regulate.  Students learn and build social and emotional skills through modelling and explicit teaching. They are taught strategies to help them learn to positively manage any social difficulties they encounter.

Parents as Partners

To maintain a culture of safety and wellbeing, Southern Montessori School welcomes parent involvement and encourages participation in students’ school life.  We understand that shared values and approaches to wellbeing, are paramount to its effectiveness.