Middle School

Unleashing Potential to Build a Better Future

Located at our peaceful Kalyra Campus, Southern Montessori Middle School offers a unique school experience for students aged 12-15 (Years 7 to 9).

Preparing our Young People for the Real World

A Montessori education seeks to support each student in finding their place in the community, realising their own potential and developing as confident, respectful, responsible and ethical contributors to society.

Preparation for Adulthood

Adolescence is an important formative time in our lives. Characterised by rapid physical, emotional and social development, adolescents are searching for their place in the world. Our Adolescent Program is designed with this in mind, providing students with a platform to be creative, self-expressive, passionate learners and problem solvers.

A Thriving Community

Students learn in a safe, nurturing environment where they build trusting and mutually respectful relationships with each other and their teachers. They are supported to navigate the complexities of relationships and establish their identities as valued members of their community.

Promoting Student Agency

Providing our young people with some control over their educational journey builds their self-motivation and contributes to their wellbeing. Teachers focus on helping adolescents grow holistically to become the best versions of themselves through developing confidence, independence and self-discipline.

Meaningful, Authentic Learning

Our curriculum provides a program of rigorous academic study and experiential learning with opportunities for critical thinking and reflection embedded. Time is dedicated to interdisciplinary project-based work that ensures students are engaged with their learning and find it relevant.

Our passionate teachers know every student, allowing them to personalise learning to meet the needs of each individual.  Students work in small ability-based groups to ensure they are appropriately challenged with ample time provided for deep thinking and exploring complex concepts.

Intergenerational Learning

Our Middle School is co-located with Kalyra Aged Care Communities which allows us to offer an award-winning intergenerational program. Middle School students and Kalyra residents have the opportunity to engage in shared experiences, fostering mutual understanding and empathy.
We are delighted to share with the our latest video highlighting this program.

High School and Beyond

Through developing our students’ ability to be self-regulated and self-motivated learners, our Middle School prepares students to flourish in an uncertain and rapidly changing future. Inspiring brave hearts and curious minds, we give them the skills, knowledge and dispositions they need to become active contributors to a more sustainable and peaceful world.