High Ability Learners

Enabling High Ability Learners to Flourish at Southern Montessori

High-ability learners are entitled to rigorous, relevant, and engaging learning opportunities.  Our personalised learning approach ensures that all students learn at their optimum rate and are provided with an appropriate level of challenge.

Instruction for high-ability learners is designed with depth and complexity in mind. The learning program challenges children to develop critical and creative thinking skills and to produce rigorous and meaningful work that demonstrates understanding. Students are often grouped with likeminded peers to facilitate collaboration on open-ended high-level thinking assignments and complex problem solving.

Teachers naturally engage students’ interests by providing a choice of learning activities, learning processes, products or environment, and allocating time for self-selected study in areas of interest and relevance to the core curriculum. Students are encouraged to take responsibility for their learning and to create opportunities to make their learning personally rewarding.

In addition, Southern Montessori School provides enrichment, extension, and acceleration opportunities for high ability learners that cannot be provided within the students’ normal classroom. Examples include:

  • Opportunities for flexible grouping with similar ability peers across a cycle group
  • Access to academic competitions
  • Promotion of appropriate learning opportunities offered by external organisations
  • Musical, performing, and sports opportunities.

Providing students with a comprehensive range and impressive depth of learning opportunities, encourages them to make the most of their personal journey through our school.