Education in Harmony with Life

We aim to know your children well and to nurture a love of learning that will last a lifetime.

Southern Montessori School espouses the Montessori philosophy, strives to nurture and develop the unique talents of its students; to value their diversity and support their growth towards becoming independent, considerate, informed, and active young people who will use their talents responsibly and work towards the creation of a better, more peaceful world.

Please take the time to explore our site. We have a broad range of information about the Primary School, the curriculum and the Early Learning Centre. We can arrange tours of the School or personal meetings with the Principal.

We also have some examples of work that our students have completed throughout their studies. By looking at our classrooms you can appreciate the quality of our staff and resources, and how this excels the education of our students.

About Us

Southern Montessori is a non-government, not-for-profit organisation offering programs from Toddlers and Preschool through to Year 7.The school is a member of Montessori Australia and the Association of Independent Schools of South Australia and is also affiliated with the Montessori World Educational Institute.

What is Montessori?

Montessori is a philosophy with the fundamental tenet that a child learns best within a social environment which supports each individual's unique development. Montessori is designed to help children with their task of inner construction as they grow from childhood to maturity.

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Classroom News


In the previous Bulletin I wrote about how our Cycle groups are structured to support the developmental needs of the child at each particular stage of development. As we have a number of students about to make the transition into …

Karen and Maria's class

As we head full speed towards the end of the year it is time to reflect on 2015 and the wonderful, busy time our class has had. We have enjoyed a variety of excursions including the Adelaide Zoo, The Festival …

Toddler Talk

The Toddler program are investigating and exploring Pet Animals. How they move, how to care for them, how are they different or similar to us and of course, what sounds they make.

The children wait with excitement to see what …


The term has started off very well with the children settling into the new routines of the Friday Program and developing closer friendships. This term we have been exploring the Montessori Cultural Curriculum, with a particular focus on the political


Dear Parents,

With the year quickly drawing to a close, preparations are in place for looking towards 2016. The necessary papers for those children coming into School from Preschool should be with these families by this week. For those papers …


Friday 27th November to Wednesday 2nd December

Over the past few years we have run very successful Book Fairs to help promote an interest in books and reading and to also support our school library. Southern Montessori School …

A Montessori Moment

IMG_4299Last week I received an email from another school asking how we group children in multi-age classes, how our Cycles are structured, and the advantages of working in this manner. In thinking of my reply, I decided that this might …

Anne-Marie's class

As part of our unit on Dental Health, we conducted an experiment to see what certain liquids do to our teeth.

We soaked eggs for 5 hours in 6 liquids: pepsi, water, tea, juice, milk and vinegar. We made predictions …

Student Leadership Groups

We launched ‘Nude Food’ day in Week 2, Term 3 this year. Every Thursday is now ‘Nude Food’ day at school. The students have really embraced this day and it has been very successful. We would like to thank all …


Dear Families,

We are looking for someone experienced in aluminium welding to help us with a small playground repair.

If you are able to help, please contact Heather.

Kind regards


Italian with Maria

This term in Italian our focus is on food.

Cycle 1 children are learning about going grocery shopping.
Cycle 2 children are learning about eating at the dinner table with their family.
Cycle 3 children are learning about shopping at …

School Sports

Cycle 3 SEPEP Cricket

This term the Cycle 3 students have been doing SEPEP cricket. SEPEP cricket stands for Sport Education in Physical Education Program. SEPEP cricket is a program where students get together to play games of cricket. We